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Canberra Numisco was established in 1969 in Canberra, Australia by Kevin and Glennis Ayres initially as a mail order business. In 1982 we opened our first retail shop in Civic Centre, Canberra when Tony Ayres joined the company as the manager of the business.

Canberra Numisco specialises in Australian decimal coins and banknotes offering a complete range of uncirculated decimal material from 1966 to date. A comprehensive range of pre-decimal coins and banknotes is available with an emphasis on quality coins.

Current Directors of the company are Kevin, Glennis and Tony Ayres and we are members of The Numismatic Association of Australia, The Australian Numismatic Dealers Association, The Stamp and Coin Dealers Association of Australasia and The Australian Society of Accountants.


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  1. Nicole Watts, 2 years ago


    My name is Nicole and I’m writing to you in regards to some foreign banknotes from Bahrain. I have three $100 f i l s notes. I have been advised that there these are not in circulation currently and have not been since 2005. I also have 5 times Notes which appear to have a middle eastern appearance. On the notes there is a quarter moon and a small star full stop on the other side of the note there is a watermark which has the replica of the moon and the stars but is only visible when held up to light. There is also what appears to me Arabic writing on one side of the note

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