How much does it cost to list on AustralianCoinDealers.com?

Absolutely Nothing! It is totally free to list your business on the site.

Who is eligible to list on the site?

Any business that is associated with selling bullion, numismatics and their accessories.

I uploaded a photo but it looks terrible, what can I do?

You can log into your dashboard area and re-upload a better resolution photo. To log into the dashboard area, just click on your registration name at the top of this page, after the word Welcome.

What resolution should my photos be?

The best resolution to use is 724 X 480, however close resolutions to this will still look good.

I’m having trouble listing my business, what am I doing wrong?

There are two main reasons why you may be having a problem. Firstly, make sure all the compulsory fields are filled out. Secondly make sure you are putting the captcha image in properly. Make sure you only put the black coloured text in the captcha field. If you are still having problems, just contact us and we will help you with your listing.

After submitting my listing, how long does it take before it appears on the site?

We approve listing usually within 24 hours, often much faster. On weekends and during holiday periods, it can sometimes take longer.

Why do you manually approve listings?

To prevent spam listings, and to make sure all content is family friendly.

My answer is not here. What can I do?

Just contact us with your problem, we are here to help.