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M. R. ‘Bob’ Roberts is Australia’s best known coin man (numismatist). He has won several awards and received numerous accolades for his life long contribution to the hobby, art and science of numismatics. He is well known for his frequent appearances on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife programme on ABC radio, but that is not the limit of his talents as he has appeared internationally on a large number of television and radio shows and programmes and has given numerous seminars and other talks on various coin related subjects in many different countries. Much of what modern coin collecting is today, both locally and internationally, is owed to the ideas, work and influence of Bob Roberts.

Bob began in the coin business just two days before the introduction of and changeover to decimal coinage in Australia (14 February 1966) and his Wynyard Coin Centre has been operating since shortly after that. Over the past 45+ years he has handled all of the great rarities of Australian coinage and has been at the forefront of collecting for all levels of interest.


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  1. Charles Tran, 5 years ago

    An Excellent shop and dealers

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